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This Swiss luxury watch making company was founded in 1830 by the Baume family. Their watch shop was located in the tiny village of Les Bois, within the mountainous Jura region. Due to the industrious nature of the two Baume brothers, the business soon opened a new store in London. The excellent quality and timekeeping of the watches soon made the Baume name famous across Europe. Their motto was: “Accept only perfection. Only manufacture watches of the highest quality.”

After World War One, the wristwatch became more popular than the pocketwatch. The exceptionally talented young watchmaker William Baume joined forces with a skilled and visionary Franco-Russian businessman named Paul Mercier. The two men united to create Baume et Mercier; their goal was to create the finest and most accurate luxury wristwatches in Europe. Their products continued to grow in popularity, throughout the twentieth century.

The brand has returned to their roots in recent years, opening workshops in the Swiss Jura region. The relocation to the historical home of Baume represents the brand’s loyalty to traditional values and continuing dedication to the finest craftsmanship.

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