“Jeweler of the Kings, Kings of Jewelers”. The name Cartier is legendary for it’s royal associations – over a dozen royal families have commissioned Cartier to create signature pieces for coronations and other state occasions.

The year 1847 saw the establishment of the Cartier pocket watch business in Paris, but it wasn’t until the early twentieth century that the brand began to achieve worldwide recognition. The innovative “Santos” flat wristwatch design was pioneered in 1904, starting a long tradition of creating fashionable and practical wrist watches. By 1908, Cartier had become one of the most successful watch manufacturers in the world. Many wrist watch and jewelery designs were inspired by contemporary society; the colorful Tutti Frutti collection was reflective of the Art Deco craze, and the Tank wrist watch design was modeled after the new tank weaponry used on the Western Front during WWI.

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