Gerald Genta

Rarely has one man made such an enormous contribution to the venerable watchmaking industry as has Gérald Genta. Born to Swiss and Italian parents in the vibrant city of Geneva, Genta had earned a diploma in jewelery and goldsmithing by the age of 20. His talent was spotted soon after by multi-national chronograph manufacturers Universal Genève, and his work with them over the next two decades would lead to such innovations as the poleroutor microtor and the chronograph varietal.

Genta founded his own brand in 1969, and soon became known throughout the horological world for producing some of the most expensive high-end wrist watches ever made. His Grande Sonnerie Retro was hailed as the world’s most complicated wristwatch, and was priced at over $2,000,000. Genta took custom requests, personally designing each and every part of a watch creation; sometimes, it took five years to complete a single watch.

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