Carlo Crocco, founder of Hublot, grew up in an Italian family with a rich tradition of watchmaking. A personal interest in watch design turned to a public one when Crocco established MDM Geneva in 1980; his goal to create a trend-setting watch that would suit the tastes of the common man. He named this design “Hublot”, after the French word for porthole. Modeling the design on this naval feature, his belief that simplicity was the true vehicle of style would become Hublot’s future philosophy.

By 1990, the renamed Hublot was a widely accepted brand among the venerable Swiss watchmakers. As their style matured and developed, the brand embraced rubber bracelets as their trademark. After years of research, they designed a type of rubber that regenerated after coming into contact with human skin. The rubber provided a peerless cushioned comfort for the wearer, as well as giving the watch an ethereal lightness.

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