Montblanc is a high-end German designer of luxury watches, fountain pens and accessories; known for their distinctive logo and up-market clientele. Founded by stationer Claus Johannes Voss in 1908, the brand quickly formed a reputation for distinctive and skillful craftsmanship, combined with effortless style. The unusual star shaped logo represents a bird’s eye view of the Swiss Mont Blanc mountain, symbolizing majestic purity.

Montblanc’s first renowned product was the Meisterstück fountain pen; an instrument which has now achieved cult status. Soon afterwards, the company branched out into wrist watches, following the legendary Swiss tradition. The philosophy of Montblanc watchmaking is harmony: the simultaneous motion of each tiny watch part moving together smoothly in fluiduity. Stainless steel and sapphire crystal are the brand’s signature materials, each piece designed to last for generations.

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