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Florence, 1860. The traditional birthplace of Italian culture and innovation was home to an Italian watchmaker named Giovanni Panerai. After establishing contact with the highest caliber Swiss horologists, Panerai opened the first watchmaker’s shop in Florence, on the Ponte alle Grazie. Thirty years later, Panerai’s grandson Guido would expand the business into the national market, as the Italian Royal Navy commissioned Panerai as their official supplier of high precision mechanisms.

After several decades experimenting with the creation of luminescent dials using zinc sulphide and radium, the Royal Navy commissioned Penerai to create a watch that could withstand extreme conditions. The Radimir was designed in response, and was subsequently mass produced. It wasn’t until 1993 that Officine Panerai began to create designs for the civilian market; and their durable, precise and professional timepieces were praised for their military efficiency.

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