It was in 1874, deep in the heart of the Swiss Jura region, that Georges Piaget first began to design intricate watch mechanisms. Little did he know how far his designs would take him and generations of his descendents. His expertise in creating high-precision parts prompted the name of Piaget to spread far across the mountains, and his business- originally just a small shed on the family farm – grew to multiple workshops.

A constant desire for innovation characterized the Piaget brand, which distinguished itself from it’s competitors by dominating the new ultra-thin wrist watch market in the 1940s. By 1957, the skilled artisan watchmakers at Piaget were creating timepieces only two millimeters thick. Piaget’s revolutionary creativity opened new horizons and possibilities, constantly expanding the boundaries of the wrist watch. By 1979, the brand had achieved worldwide recognition for avant-garde design combined with high precision.

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Five Innovations from Piaget

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