Richard Mille

When Richard Mille, former CEO of Mauboussin Watches, founded his eponymous company in 2001; his goal was to incorporate his passion for modern mechanics with a unique conceptual approach. Inspired by the latest in aeronautical design, race-car technology and cutting-edge materials, Richard Mille watches represented a revolutionary break from Swiss watchmaking tradition. A drive for innovation and technical engineering excellence are the cornerstones of Richard Mille design.

The use of brand-new materials, such as carbon nanofiber and aluminum-lithium, has pioneered a new age of watchmaking style. Sophisticated engineering design, the results of thousands of hours of labor, has resulted in unmatchable precision and reliability. Advanced chronometric results are achieved through ergonomic structure and exceptional fabrication quality. After only a decade of production, Richard Mille is already a household name.

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Five Innovations from Richard Mille

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